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Hello Loves,

SO very many of us have been taught - or inherited - the be-lie-f that our bodies are our enemies - that they are not our own - that to indulge them or inhabit them is 'sinful' ... that we must be "Just So" to satisfy the appetite of convention, or the religious view of what it IS to be in the body. Well - it's time to heal and release that story. EEEEEVERY cell in our bodies is a microcosm of the divine. And WE as GODS in a BOD are the orchestrator of this divine vessel. Loves, this body is meant to be inhabited and it is meant to be LOVED and to be sensual and to be ALLOWED to just BE.

The world is shifting, (because) WE are shifting and with it comes the collapse of any polarizing be-lie-fs of separation between the spiritual and the material. Between the light and the dark - between good and evil..... ALL JUST IS - and EVERYTHING is LOVE - whether it be what we appreciate or value or no - whether it is beautiful in our eyes or hideous - whether it is "good" or it is "evil" - it's source is the same - love .... and when we speak in terms of evil or painful - yes - love, that is STILL LOVE - it is the experience - the expression of the inverse of, or a level of absence of, love and it simply calls for MORE LOVE - not to be further feared - nor shunned, nor shamed... but to be SEEN and to be healed to be balanced and to be LOVED.

THIS, loves, is what is being asked of us now

TO ACCEPT AND LOVE ALLL that feels separate or lost or painful and just "NOT ALLOWED"

We begin by loving ourselves

and anchoring into these gloriously divine meat-suits

Anchoring our dominion

Honoring our selves

Creating strong (energetic) boundaries of LOVE

Allowing for our sensual nature and desires

and all- around BEing HERE As the Luminous Warriors of Divinely Earthen LOVE that we are.

FOR - from here we KNOW the power of our courageous heart AS the LEADER of the FREE world.

OUR free world.

And in this free world - ALL is ONE.

By accepting, by loving, by honoring ALL - we neutralize polarity - we allow for UNION - and we begin to SEE the TRUTH that is in the BEing of the I AM.

Love, Be Embodied LOVE

The days of denial are passed,





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